The Best Mattress for New Parents to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

uponamattressAs a new parent with a newborn in tow, getting a good night’s sleep is really important because of all the stress and troubles the couple had to go through while preparing for the baby. Now the baby is out; then it is time to pick out the best possible mattress that this young family deserves so they can finally get a good night sleep with their newborn. There is not a single best mattress out there because it boils down to personal preference to what is best.

Spa Sensations 12” MyGel – the first one on the list is one of the Spa Sensation’s collection. It is a budget memory foam that can be comfortable to the right couple. You can easily find this mattress at any Walmart and even some handful online sellers do carry them. This mattress apparently have the best feedback and review from its buyers among the mattresses in the collection, also with its thicker 12 inch model, seems to be much better for most sleepers and with most sleeping positions compared to Spa Sensation’s thinner models in the same collection. In comparison to other cheaper memory foam beds, this bed by Spa Sensations did earn relatively good remarks even over a few years worth of reviews. Despite the bed getting good reviews as per short-term use, the mattress’ durability after few years of use might become an issue. Check out other memory foam mattresses to compare.

Novaform Serafina 14” Gel – this next mattress is a relatively popular mattress that is being sold at Costco, this is also a part of the middle ground of the manufacturer, Novaform’s, line. This also boasts an above average review on the website. This mattress also showcases a firmer profile. The Serafina utilizes a gel memory foam that has a lower density. However, it has a higher density foam layer right on the middle for additional back support. Also, its base layer has a high-density foam, which gives this memory foam its reliability as per support and durability. Although the Serafina is rated below average in ventilation and is getting some heat complaints, its durability does not seem to be a relevant problem in consumer reviews.

Amerisleep Revere Bed – this next mattress does impress as per reviews on their websites and also other third party review sites. This model, the Revere, is one of the biggest hits by this plant-based memory foam brand. Despite the model not being on the top range, but on the middle range, it is still popular and performing well. Contrary to other mid-ranged beds, this model, the Revere uses higher density foams than the average. This foam also gets little to average problems with heat. Its durability does not seem to cause any problems to most sleepers.

BedInABox Tranquility Gel – this is also in the mid-range category in BedInABox’s collection. It earned good reviews on their website and other sites. One thing that makes this bed stand out is that it has a Tencel cover to point it out from the same brand’s other models out there in the market today.

Juicing Proves Healthy for Nursing Mothers

bestjuicergalAs a nursing mother to a newborn child, it is very important that you should be taking in the best possible foods and so that you can share it to your baby while you are nursing. It is imperative and highly suggested that you be healthy at all costs. You should gain back all the vitamins and nutrients you lost during pregnancy. Of course, you have to do it the healthy and natural way because you will be sharing this with your child as well. One very popular choice out there for nursing mothers is juicing, it is natural, easy and packs a whole lot of vitamins and essential minerals that you and your baby needs. Also, it helps mothers lose weight without jeopardizing the nutrients in the breast milk.

After pregnancy, sometimes it can be very difficult to eat enough vegetables to some mothers out there. But if you can make a small investment in a good performing juicer, it is one of the best steps that you can take for you and your baby’s health. Juice from fruits and vegetables is full of nutrients that you might be lacking, and your baby can take advantage of. Also, if you drink green juice, some people call it intravenous intake of vitamins and minerals. Masticating juicers are great to begin with. It makes juice from fruits and vegetables without losing the nutrients. That is why all the nutrients go into your body then straight to your system without being broken down by the means of digestion.

If you start your day by drinking juice, you would still get the energy boost that you get from coffee without relying on stimulants that is being provided by caffeine. Since the juice is already in a very easy to digest state, you will feel the effects of being revitalized as quick as 20 minutes or so.

Juicing will help you absorb all the vitamins and nutrients that you could get from vegetables. This is essential for those people who have complications with their digestion due to bad choices of food being eaten over the years. This impedes your body from absorbing all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that vegetables could provide. With juicing, it does the pre-digestion process for you and then you will just have to drink it, the body will absorb it and you would not be wasting it than rather seeing the food go down the toilet.

Juicing will help you consume more vegetables efficiently. In reality, health organizations all over the world recommend that everyone should get at least 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday and the truth is that only a few people get to have that. Juicing will make it easy for everyone who is willing to try. Juicing can also guarantee that you reach your daily target for vegetables.

This will make it easy for you to add a lot more vegetables to your existing diet. A lot of people out there tend to eat the same salads and side dishes on a daily basis. This goes against the technique of regular food rotation, and it can cause your body to develop unnecessary allergies to some foods that you don’t get to try. On top of that, it also decreases the number of phytochemicals in your diet. As may not know, each vegetable out there offers your body with different benefits. This is where juicing comes in, just juice these different types of vegetables that you don’t get to consume whole but still get the benefits that they offer.

Start Sewing Something Special for Your Baby’s Big Day

thenappycafe sosewSo you are a new mother and preparing for something huge for your newborn. Either it is your baby’s very first birthday, christening or it is someone else’s occasion and your baby is a part of it. You have finally found the time and good reason to make your baby a dress or anything that will put your sewing skills to the test. It can be difficult for a new mother to tackle any project that can take a lot of your time and effort but as long as you have the right tools and techniques, you will be done in no time.

First you need to know what you should have in your sewing kit.

Straight Pins – these straight pins or also known as dressmaker pins are usually made of stainless steel, they are used to pin together fabrics because, more often than not, they will be all over the place while you are sewing away with your fabric. These two pins sometimes come with flat heads, round plastic heads and in some cases glass heads. It is preferable that you go for the round plastic heads because they are easier and safer to handle.

Hand Sewing Needles – like pins, there are also several types of needles in the markets. Used for different purposes. Do not stress yourself too much when trying to figure out which type or size to get; the easiest way to go is buying an assortment all in one, with a bunch of different types of needles that is packaged in a convenient little container.

Needle Threader – as a beginner, it can be a huge task to try and thread and needle. Actually it is still a hard task even for novice or expert sewers. Even expert sewers who normally do not use a needle threader will have those days that the thread is giving them such a hard time. So it is a good idea to have one ready just in case.

Shears – There are many cutting tools out there that you can utilize during this project but a simple, sharp cutting shears is the best way to go. Remember, they are not the same as scissors. So ask specifically for shears.

Seam Ripper – not everyone is perfect, you will probably going to commit mistakes along the way as you progress with your project for your baby. In this case, the seam ripper will be something you will be relying to when you commit mistakes.

Tape Measure – one of the most important thing you can add into your sewing kit. This can be a flexible piece of fabric or even a fiberglass tape, that can go up to 60 inches.

Seam Gauge – this ruler is usually made of plastic or metal about 6 inches long with a sliding gauge along the length of the ruler.

Fabric Marking Pens/Pencils – there are many ways to transfer pattern markings depending on the sewer. But fabric marking pens is the best way to do it.

Thread and thimble – this is pretty much self explanatory. But make sure you go for top quality!

Of course, you should start by having a sewing machine unless you intend to hand stitch your baby’s dresses. If you’re just starting, you should learn more about sewing machines. Later on, who knows, you’ll be using a quilting machine making your relatives presents for the holidays.

Air Conditioning for Your Baby

thenappycafe airconditionerlabA lot of parents wonder if putting your newborn child in an air conditioned room is safe. There had been rumors that it will cause hazard and bad health for your baby. But what are you supposed to do when it is hot and it can become very uncomfortable for your child and just placing him or her in front of an electric fan is not enough? But that is the reason you are here and to know what your options are and if it is really safe to begin with, to put your tiny bundle of love in a room that is cooled by an air conditioner unit.

First things first, it is proven that placing your baby in an air conditioned room is safe! Yes, you heard it right, it is safe. Most, if not all, doctors out there say that it is much safer for a baby to be in a cooled room than stay in a hot, humid, and airless space.

You need to understand that newborns cannot adjust their bodies to the temperature around them as well as we can as adults. This, unfortunately makes babies very vulnerable to overheating and any heat related problems like dehydration, heatstroke, rashes and even heat exhaustion. Which is definitely not good for your child.

It is widely accepted in the medical world that if you have a cooled and well ventilated room, it will help your baby to sleep comfortably and peacefully and will reduce the possible risk of SIDS aka Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

But do not forget, on the other hand, if the room is too cold and too ventilated it could severely decrease your baby’s body temperature to a dangerous level and could possibly chill him or her which can cause different kinds of illnesses. Use a portable air conditioner if you are just cooling a small room.

Here are some tips that you can follow that your baby is safe from harm as far as air conditioning is concerned:

  • Make sure you keep the room temperature between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius – keep in mind that any change in the outside temperature and humidity can greatly and quickly affect the cooling of your air conditioner. So your room can become too cold, too fast and can make your baby very uncomfortable and if not noticed, can make him or her sick.
  • If you are using an air conditioner with a timer, set a specific time and duration on how long it takes the room to cool down. If your air conditioner unit does not have a built in timer, then just set a time on your alarm clock so you will be reminded. If your unit does not have a thermostat, then make sure you keep a thermometer in your room so you can monitor the temperature.
  • If you are using a cooler, leave a door or window partially open to allow air to come in especially during when humidity is really high like during the monsoon. Because a cooler works when it evaporates water to cool, it increases the humidity in the air inside the room. If the room is sealed then the humidity will just go up and eventually the cooling will just stop and ultimately the temperature of the room will rise and then will make the room hot and sticky.

The Makeup for Kid Events

thenappycafe beautyprosWhen it comes to parties nowadays, every parent would want nothing but the best for their children. They will pull all the stops just to make sure to maximize the fun and enjoyment not only of their own children but also their friends, guests and relatives that are invited. Some would even rent out a mini carnival or they can even organize a petting zoo. But yet again, not all parents have the budget for such huge parties. So some settle with face painting or make ups for their kid’s party that is very fun, new and exciting for kids and parents alike but not sacrificing safety. So here are the things that you need to look into before getting the right make up or paint for your kids and guests.

First of all you should check the ingredients – as you can see, there will be a lot of words on the box that you cant fully pronounce. These chemical tongue twisters are ingredients that could possibly trigger or induce allergic reactions or even a skin condition on your kids and guests. When you are planning to buy and then apply make up or paint on your guests, make sure you choose products that has natural or organic ingredients in them or even products that are specifically designed for sensitive skin that you can find on children’s faces. Also consider less-irritating mineral makeup or paint cosmetics designed for young children.

Make ups for your toddler can be a treat – doll or paint them up during special occasions or parties and not a regular occurrence or hobby. Delicate skin like your kids’ needs to have a breathing period to make sure they do not clog up and cause irritation or skin damage to your children’s sensitive skin. Of course, you do not have all the time in the world to become your kid’s make up artist.

Less is more and it is better – you do not have to go all out, full face, pageant princess look, you would be surprised if you paint their faces with a very simple design and with light application or maybe with make up like a simple swipe of lip balm and they will be already so amazed of what you did. Blush their cheeks a little and they will feel like they will attend a pageant. You can buy them their own clean bunch of brushes and let them pretend they are doing their own make up and art on their faces. It is probably going to be enough to keep them satisfied.

These are just the basics and there are so much more techniques that you can learn on how to apply make up and face paint like a pro, maybe if you go to a make up school. Ultimately, if this is just a simple birthday party, you can just trust a local make up artist to do the painting for you but you just have to ensure they are using safe cosmetics so that there wouldn’t be any problems down the road. No parent would want any rash growing on their children’s faces that can eventually lead to an infection. For additional treat, nail art is also a good idea for kids’ parties. Learn more about Nail Tech schools, just in case.